Not an acceptance…

February 5, 2007 at 12:37 pm (The Final Quarter, Writing)

But at least it’s not a rejection, either.

Got an e-mail over the weekend from the editor of the Courting Morpheus anthology. My short story “Like Father, Like Daughter” has made it past the initial round. Now I have to wait until nearly the end of the year to find out if I made it or not. Here’s what she said:

As editor of Courting Morpheus, I would like to thank you for allowing me to read your submission, “Like Father, Like Daughter”. I have enjoyed the story and believe it may be a good fit into the theme of the anthology. As such, I’ve now moved it into the “Holding” folder – the stories in this folder will be further scrutinized in the months of October and November. Final selections and acceptances will be determined and announced no later than December 1st.

Congratulations on making it this far, and best of luck with this and future writing endeavors.

And the snail’s pace continues:



  1. Anita Marie said,

    Not acceptance but a little validation goes a long way!

    Anita Marie

  2. Ian said,

    That’s great news, Jeff. Any idea why the wait is so long? October is a long way off.

  3. hamstersbane said,

    She’s only got six or seven open slots, and she’s waiting till the end of her open session period before making any final decisions.

  4. Ian said,

    Ahh. That’s probably a good idea. But waiting really is the hardest part. I’ve been waiting since last October to hear back about my two submissions to Fourth Horseman’s Way Out West anthology. I’m supposed to hear something any day now…

  5. hamstersbane said,

    No! It’s a rotten idea! Everyone I submit to should accept it right away! Don’t you know anything, boy?

    heh. I hate waiting.

  6. Ian said,

    Yeah, you’re right. I just try to be patient and understand to the editors. But it’s not easy. My biggest pet peeve are the editors who are managing their press while they’re also trying to pursue a writing career. You never really know if you’re getting their full attention, and that is sometimes reflected in the quality of their publications (or the lack thereof). Fortunately I haven’t worked with anyone who’s really let their publishing/editor work slide in lieu of working on their own stories, but it’s always there at the back of my mind.

    I think part of the reason Ellen Datlow is such a fantastic editor (definitely one of the best in the biz) is because she isn’t a writer. All of her energy and focus is one editing.

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