Novel on (Free)hold for a bit.

February 26, 2007 at 7:36 pm (Writing)

I’ve got bit of other stuff to work on.

Some time back, I volunteered for the Freehold shared world project over at Carnifex Press.  It’s set to be a series of four trilogies. Armand Rosamilia writes a novella to introduce each book, and then there’s about five or so short stories from various writers.

For a while there, I thought this whole thing would never get off the ground. But, sports fans, I’m pleased to announce the wait is over. I’m in the “Twins” series, and my proposal was accepted for Book I, “Beggars and Thieves.” It’s about an evil-tempered, deformed little gargoyle of a beggar. Got to love my twisted little mind, eh? As a writer in the series, I’ll have another story in either Book II or III.

One of the things about this particular project I find the most intriguing is that  it’s a group project. I write a story, give it to the group and they tear it to shreds — er, I mean critique it. I should have the story done and in their clutches this week.

Still, I hope to be able to get back on the novel  soon.


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