Sometimes stories just kind of bite you…

March 7, 2007 at 5:25 pm (Writing)

I wake up insanely early (insane to me, anyway) to get ready for work. My alarm usually goes off right in the middle of some interesting dreams, which quickly evaporate. Today was no exception, except I couldn’t get fragments of the dream out of my head. It slowly jelled into a series of scenes between a jailhouse interview and flashbacks. There’s no spec fic involved here — no fairies, aliens or even tap-dancing dust mites. I’m not entirely sure how to classify “A Time to Die” other than as general fiction, with perhaps some vague touches into the thriller and mystery categories.

The problem is, I’ve been so focused on fantasy, horror and sci-fi that I don’t have a clue where to market something like this, if it can even be sold.


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  1. Ian said,

    I wouldn’t worry about markets. There are plenty more markets for mainstream/literary fiction than there are for genre fiction. And most of those markets pay more, as well.

    I write in several genres myself, including mainstream/literary fiction, and in my experience it is the mainstream publications that pay the most. You should take special note of the various college/university literary magazines, many of which are widely read and compensate their writers extremely well. Even if your story has elements of mystery or suspense, a literary magazine may still consider it.

    Then there’s also genre mags like Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Crimewave, Future Mystery Magazine, and the list goes on.

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