An update, but not much progress…

March 19, 2007 at 2:53 pm (Rejections, Writing)

Since last we met, “Where the Sun Don’t Shine” has been rejected by Triangulation and Fantasy Magazine. The Triangulation editor had some interesting comments about improving the story (as well as about the story in general, particularly “Wow.  What a wonderfully messed-up idea.”). I’ve submitted this one to the Critters critique queue, so I think I’ll wait to see what comes of that one before I do anything else with this story.

Black Box has also rejected “Pains of Love,” which I kind of figured to be a long shot, anyway, but it was worth a try.

On the plus side, I got a “non-rejection” from Triangulation for “That Ain’t a Mosey.” He asked me to hold while he takes another look at it, possibly with a rewrite request to help move the action along faster. It’s far from a done deal; there’s a lot of “mays” and “mights” in there, but it at least gives me some hope I might find my way into my first anthology:

After all, given that it’s going to appear in a speculative fiction anthology with a theme that lends itself to tales of apocalypse, I think most readers are going to think “Zombie!” pretty quickly.

I’m keeping my fingers, toes, eyes and kidneys crossed.


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