I hate these things…

March 25, 2007 at 1:04 am (Rejections, The Final Quarter, Writing)

I seem to get a lot of “close but no cigar” rejections.  This time, it was for “Of Bones and Blades,” submitted to Black Dragon, White Dragon.

 You were *that* close with this piece, since the dragon and sorcerer-warrior are top notch, both more original than anything I’ve yet seen, depicted frighteningly well in a battle with first-rate action and imagery. Where this piece failed is that it real is only a fight scene. How is the protagonist different at the end of the story? How is the environment different because of the protagonist’s actions? These are critical questions that cannot be answered after reading “Of Bones and Blades.”

I have a tendancy to put too much irrelevant information in my stories in the way of backstory and side details. I was trying to keep this one tight and close to the bone. Apparently I went too far in the other direction. It’s fairly glowing as far as rejections go, and it’s one of those things that makes me wonder if it worked so well, why not a rewrite request? It wouldn’t be hard to take this as the core and answer said questions. They’ve reported seeking rewrites from other pieces. Oh, well. The editor knows his business, and I’ll just leave him to it.

 On the plus side, I was invited to send something else. Unlike Magic & Mechanica, I might just have another idea.

Sick me and sick kids have slowed the novel down some, as well:



  1. Mike Stone said,

    Hiya, Jeff. I keep seeing you name pop up on Ian’s site, so I thought I’d come and take a look at your blog. Interesting entries. Think I’ll make this a regular stop-off if you don’t mind.

    Those ‘close but no cigar’ rejections are a real bummer, but at least they bode well for future submissions, provided the story isn’t too niche for other markets. Good luck!

  2. hamstersbane said,

    NO! You can’t stop here! Hehehe…like I’m going to complain about somebody wanting to read my demented scribblings?

    I’ve actually seen your site before. Your blog caught my attention once when I was trying to Google some information about an anthology (I think it was Triangulation) and I saw the “My left eye sees…things.” I got to say that photo on your site at the left is about the creepiest thing I’ve seen.

    Good stuff.

    As far as the story goes, it’s a dragon tale. It’s hard to be too niche with that.

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