Talk about taking the wind out of my sails…

April 3, 2007 at 3:51 pm (Rejections, The Final Quarter, Writing)

Got yet another rejection for “The Final Quarter,” this time from Black Sails.

As a Texan, I appreciate the take on the UT/A&M rivalry, and the SF conceit is a clever one.  Unfortunately, it’s not quite the right fit for the collection at large, so we decided that we’ll have to pass.  Hopefully you understand.

I actually don’t understand — it’s a pirate story for a pirate anthology, and there’s no information here as to why it’s not a good fit. But like I told the editor, I don’t have to understand. It’s his publication. If he doesn’t want it, it doesn’t get in. I may send this to Revelation if they ever re-open to submissions.

My real concern is how this bodes for the novel I’m writing based on that short story. I hope I haven’t created something that’s too quirky.



  1. Ian said,

    Never worry that your work might not appeal to any one editor. You have to write the novel that you want to write. If I learned anything about editors (and I think I have), it’s that they’re no different than anyone else. If an editor rejects a piece, that’s just their own personal opinion, and as well all know, opinions vary.

  2. hamstersbane said,

    True dat.

  3. Jordan said,

    It’s possible that all the rest of the stories were classic pirate tales, or maybe there were too many SF pirate tales. I think that’s what they mean by “not right for the anthology at large”. This is a good rejection in that I think it was matters out of your control that were at fault. Just bad luck.

    At least you got a rejection. I sent my story in on February 27th, and a query on March 25th and so far nothing… not a confirmation e-mail… not a peep. I don’t even know if they got it!

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