April 9, 2007 at 4:30 am (The Final Quarter, Writing)

OK, so I actually hate that pseudo-word, but I couldn’t think of much of anything else to use to describe how I’m felling right about now.

Draft # 1 is done!


Of course, all that really means is that the work starts over with a rewrite. A straightforward, if quirky, postapocalyptic pirate story will become a quirky, postapocalyptic fantasy pirate story with a new prologue, two new chapters and all kinds of snazzy new details.




  1. Mike Stone said,

    Wey-hey! Woohoo, Yahoo, Booya, Go you and dubious expressions of that nature. That’s got to feel good, Jeff. I suspect you’ll blaze through the 2nd draft.

  2. hamstersbane said,

    Thanks, Mike!

    I don’t know about blazing, but I hope to at least move at something faster than a mosey.

  3. Ian said,

    Congrats, man, that’s great news!

  4. hamstersbane said,

    Thanks, Ian.

    I got to running some numbers, and it turns out I’ve written an average of about 3,000 words a week on this puppy. Of course that actually came in fits and spurts, but even if it’s not exactly stellar, it’s not quite as slow as I had thought.

    Now would someone give me a shove out the door so I can get to Part II?

  5. Ian said,

    Considered yourself shoved, bro. 😉

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