I’m almost not sure how to handle this…

April 10, 2007 at 1:03 pm (Acceptances, Writing)

“Dreadneck” has been accepted by Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Should the schedule hold and nothing change, it’ll see ink for Issue No. 33, due out in December.

This is my first acceptance for a printed publication (although I’ve still got my toes crossed for “That Ain’t a Mosey” in Triangulation: End of Time), and I couldn’t be happier about the home “Dreadneck” has found.

For any speculative fiction writer who hasn’t considered ASIM, I’d highly recommend giving them a close look. Everything I’ve seen points to a first-rate publication. Plus, if you’re like me and hate the sort of cloud of secrecy that tends to hang over submissions (Where is it? Has it moved any through the process? Has anyone read it?), they’ve got pretty cool submission tracker. Your story is given a reference number so you can see which of the three submission stages it’s in. As I understand it, that number is all the slush editors see. The author’s name and any identifying information is stripped out for an anonymous reading process.

About the only place I know of that has a more open selection process is TQR, where you can actually read the ongoing debate about which stories they want to select in their “free market.”

All in all, I’m pretty jazzed about this. It’s enough that I’m not even upset about Hub’s rejection of “Routine Maintenance,” which I also got this morning. That one brings me to a milestone of sorts — 50 rejections! Woohoo!



  1. Ian said,

    Congrats, dude, that’s great news. ASIM does indeed have a great submission format. I’ve never seen a copy of the actual mag itself, but the artwork looks great and it’s well-respected in the industry. Booya!

  2. Mike Stone said,

    Go you, fella. Funnily enough, a story I just sold to TQR was narrowly rejected by ASIM in 2005.

    I agree — more markets should have an open door policy that lets you watch your submissions sink or swim. Oh, and good luck (again) with Triangulations.

  3. hamstersbane said,

    Thanks, guys.

    If I can nail ASIM and Triangulations, that’d make for a pretty good beginning (close enough) to what I hope is the year of the hamstersbane — by which I mean that maybe my acceptances list will at least grow a little faster than the rejection list (I don’t expect it overcome it; the rejections have way too far of a head start).

  4. Tehani Wessely said,

    Congratulations on the story sale! We like the ASIM slush machine because it means a) every story is judged on it’s merits through the slushpool and b) our submitters feel like you do, that you know where things are at. You’re right, slush is read blind and until the story reaches the third round – the editorial slushpool – no one except the slushmistress knows who submitted.

    Did you know we now distribute in electronic (PDF) form as well as print? Just expanding our readership a little… Check out the website for more info. Issue 28 has just been released! http://www.andromedaspaceways.com


  5. hamstersbane said,

    Slushmistress…is that something you can put on a resume?

  6. Jerry Gordon said,

    Congratulations…and thanks for the recommendation. I’ve heard a lot of good things about TQR, but not a lot about ASIM. I’ll make it a point to check them out.

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