Sometimes it pays to be obnoxious.

April 14, 2007 at 8:02 pm (Acceptances, Writing)

Or, if you prefer, persistent.

Just got my acceptance letter from Triangulation: End of Time for “That Ain’t a Mosey.” I sent them five stories before finding one that would work, and then I had to go back and rewrite that one.

Pete Butler said: “You win at persistence.” He also said he’s amused to be running a cowboy zombie story written by a Texan. Well, who else could do it justice?

That being said, I’m thinking of another zombie story set on the Gulf Coast near Galveston, in a little town called the Village of Tiki Island.  It came to me after an incredibly vivid dream the other day of me dragging two of my kids out of a house and trying to get away from people who were chasing me. It was like something out of a suspense thriller, but why they were chasing me never got said. Dreams are like that. But I was so impressed with the imagery that I thought it would make an excellent scene in something. Thrillers aren’t really my thing, but then I thought of zombies. Still something chasing you. I’ve always loved the Galveston area, and that’s when the title hit me: “It Takes a Village.”



  1. Mike Stone said,

    Good for you, Jeff. ASIM and Triangualtions in one week. Impressive stuff.

    So, that’s one TOC we’ll be sharing in a few months. Cool.

  2. Jordan Lapp said,

    Congrats Jeff!

    You’re showing up in print all over the place!

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