Le sigh…

May 23, 2007 at 12:43 pm (Rejections, Writing)

Two rejections so far, one from Southern Fried Wierdness for “Old Nag.” He really liked the story and sat on the fence with it for awhile, but ultimately felt it was more Western than Southern. I went through something similar with Touched by Wonder with this one; this thing is having a hard time finding a home.

The other came from Black Dragon, White Dragon for “Tapewyrm.” He said it’s an interesting story, with a character you can empathize with (which is a good sign, I guess…that’s not always one of my strengths), but didn’t like the fact that the character had nothing to do with his cure (although I’d argue that there’s a lot in medicine you simply have to rely on a doctor for). The story is similar to “Where the Sun Don’t Shine,” and even shares a medical character (that story is under review at  GUD now).

The editor offered a few suggestions, but I don’t see any need to change…at least not yet. “Dreadneck” was rejected by their other anthology and snapped up by ASIM with only a couple of tweaks.

Now “Tapewyrm” is off to Shimmer. I will crack that market one day.


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  1. Ian said,

    It’s always a hard decision whether or not to change a story based on an editor’s suggestions. You have to weight them carefully and decided, Am I doing this because it will make the story better or just because an editor said I should? Good for you that you don’t automatically err on the side of criticism. Not that you should never change a story based on the criticism of others, but again, you have to consider it carefully. 🙂

    Shimmer is good market, and one I myself am trying to crack. I’ve been rejected by them 13 times. Not my all-time record. That belongs to Fantasy & Science Fiction. I’ve been rejected 18 times there. But you gots to keep plugging. If it was easy the acceptances wouldn’t feel so damn good when they finally come.

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