Hot diggity dog!

June 29, 2007 at 6:07 pm (The Final Quarter, Writing)

The Final Quarter is done…at least this draft of it. I’m about ready to send it to Critters.

The novel didn’t turn out quite as long as I had expected, only 80,560 words, but I see no point in padding it just to get a few more thousand words out of it. I told the story I set out to tell and I finished the thing.



Now I’ve got another project to begin, should certain plans pan out. Watch this space for more details involving a possible serialized novel based on “First Night in Jennings Grove.”



  1. Mike Stone said,

    Good for you, Jeff. Wish I could say the same about ‘Heather Berry’.

  2. Jerry Gordon said,

    Congratulations. Are you looking to go RFDR with it, or are you going to parse it out in installments on Critters?

  3. hamstersbane said,

    RFDR. Seems to me parselling it out would take too long

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