A swing and a miss…

June 30, 2007 at 1:11 pm (Rejections, Writing)

Got a rejection from Magic & Mechanica today for “Thinking Small.” Dissappointing, given all the work that went into it, but not really much I could have done about it. It was one of those close rejections:

I loved this concept of expansion involving deforestation and territorial defense. That the fairies magical ability is what prevents the King’s engineers from building bulldozers and plowing through them all is certainly problematic, and I enjoyed the solution of clockwork insects.

What they didn’t care much for was the writing style. I use multiple perspectives, which the editor said wasn’t his style.

I wish I could give you greater feedback on this piece. I fear, however, that this is one of those times where an editor remarks “it’s just not for me” in a vague sort of way.

I’ve got to admit I really like the folks over at Ricasso Press. They’ve rejected every single thing I’ve sent, but they’re very professional and usually quite helpful.

Now I just got to figure out where it goes next. I’m thinking it’s about time to try one of the biggies.



  1. Mike Stone said,

    Pity they didn’t snap it up, Jeff. But I think the tsory is pretty solid and you’ll find a home for it soon enough. Chalk it up as ‘one of those things’ and move on.

  2. hamstersbane said,

    Already have, actually. I’ve got it sitting in an envelope for Fantasy & Science Fiction.

    Decided it’s time to swing for the fences (or, if you prefer, pick some far-away target in Cricket).

  3. Bret said,

    I thought it was a fine story, Jeff. I’m sure it will get a good home!

    I sent a story in for that one too that didn’t make it. I was really hoping to get into that one because it sounds like a cool idea for an anthology.

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