Jennings Grove

July 12, 2007 at 6:08 pm (Jennings Grove, Writing)

As you may know, I sold a short horror story called “First Night in Jennings Grove” last year to  The Edge of Propinquity.

The horror continues in a new online serial novel called Jennings Grove, presented by Graveside Tales. The darkness is coming to get you soon…

 Jennings Grove banner

When Vernon Hamilton loses his job and prospects for employment in Houston dry up, he moves his family to a small community in far north Texas. As the sun sets, they discover just how dark the country can get away from big city lights, and they learn the darkness of Jennings Grove isn’t like other places. It’s alive, and it hungers. Can Vernon save his family from the night in his new home? Can he even save himself?

 If for some reason you care about such things, a larger, more animated banner is available here…


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