Boy, oh boy!

July 27, 2007 at 3:19 pm (Jennings Grove, Writing)

It’s been awhile since I posted anything, largely because I was on vacation last week and I’ve been playing catchup this week. But I’m back bearing two pieces of good news:

First is that Jennings Grove has finally gone live. The first of a three-part prologue is up and ready for you to read.

My second piece of news is that you no longer have to boot up a computer to read a piece of fiction by Jeff Parish. Triangulation: End of Time has officially gone on sale! This anthology of speculative fiction not only includes my cowboy zombie apocalypse “That Ain’t a Mosey” (fourth in the Table of Contents), but also work from Ian Creasey, Dario Ciriello, Tim Pratt, Idan Cohen, Jetse de Vries, Michael Stone, Kurt Kirchmeier, D.K. Latta, Ashley Arnold, Matthew Johnson, Rebecca W. Day, Trent Walters, Scott Almes, Jessica E. Kaiser, Terry Hayman, Katherine Shaw, Jared Axelrod, Sue Burke and Geoffrey Thorne.

Triangulation cover

Check it out! Better yet, buy a copy.


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  1. Jordan Lapp said,

    You’re in some great company in that antho, Jeff. Congrats!

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