Some good news at last…

October 6, 2007 at 3:08 pm (Rejections, Submissions, Writing)

It’s another hold request, but at least it’s not a rejection (although, I did get one of those today from A Clockwork Phoenix for “…Hitman”). This one is a hold for “Routine Maintenance” which could finally see the light of day for Horror Library, Vol. III:

 We have received and read your story, and it has made it’s way through our editing staff. We enjoyed it quite a bit and would like to place it on our tentative ‘short list’ for the time being. Not a guarantee that it’ll be in for sure, but let’s just say it’s made it past the first rounds…and is certainly a story I enjoyed on many levels.

 “Routine Maintenance” is similar to Stephen King’s “Trucks” — but takes place years after cars have taken over the world. I hope they ultimately take it. “Maintenance” has had a hard time finding a home, with many close misses. I originally wrote it for what was supposed to be a series of anthologies from Scissor Press edited by Jason Marchi, but that one seems to have gone belly up. Horror Library would be a great one for me to get into in any case, and I think “Routine Maintenance” is a good, strong story.



  1. Ian said,

    Congrats on the “hold,” Jeff. HL puts out a good series of anthos. I have the first two, and of course, I have a story in the second one, as you already know.

    Like you, I have a story at one of Marchi’s anthologies. I sent him an e-mail a few weeks ago — my story’s been there for over a year — but I haven’t heard anything back. I guess that doesn’t bode well…

  2. hamstersbane said,

    Heh. One time I got a response to a query I had forgotten sending. He takes a loooong time to respond.

  3. Ian said,

    I figure if he doesn’t respond in another couple of weeks, I’ll pull the story and send it elsewhere. I understand the small press moves slowly, but I think over a year is more than a reasonable amount of time to get back to someone. 🙂

  4. hamstersbane said,

    Speaking of slow-moving, any idea what’s up with Fourth Horseman lately?

  5. Kody Boye said,

    Gah! Clockwork Phoenix looks like a good market… Too bad I got rejected. : D Oh well, hope you the bes tof luck!

  6. hamstersbane said,

    Thanks, Kody…best of luck yourself!

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