Like Father, Like Daughter…

October 23, 2007 at 12:03 pm (Acceptances, Writing)

Has been accepted by Jodi Lee for the Courting Morpheus anthology, to be published next year by Apex Publications.  I’ve been waiting seven to eight months on this one, so I’m pretty excited to see this one come about. 

So now I’m two for two on hold requests…let’s see if the streak continues with How’d They Do That? and Horror Library III.

And as a side note, the folks at Nortorious Press are looking for a better name for How’d They Do That? — it’s an anthology of quirky mysteries (quirk comes in either the crime itself or how it’s resolved):

Let’s face it, the current temporary title for this anthology is a little soft. We know that. It works fine as a sub-title, and to help solicit on-target submissions, but we really need a sexier title for the finished book. So if you submit a story with a title we adopt (with your permission) for the overall book we’ll gladly pay you double. Even if you don’t submit a story, send us the winning title idea and get $25, credit in the book and 2 free copies if we choose and use your suggestion. (In case of multiple submissions of the same chosen title, first one wins.)



  1. camille said,

    Again, super congrats on Courting Morpheus. Good luck with the holds.

  2. hamstersbane said,


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