Any press is good press…

November 21, 2007 at 4:08 pm (Published, Reviews, Writing)

Found another Triangulation: End of Time review, this one over at GUD. The anthology received an overall favorable review:

I enjoyed this collection, and what pleased me particularly was the variety of takes on the theme.  No two stories are alike; no two authors have approached the theme from the same direction.  Well worth a read.

This one highlights three stories, two for how original and entertaining they are. The third was my own “That Ain’t a Mosey,” and the reviewer wasn’t a big fan, apparently:

It isn’t all fun and imagination, however.  Jeff Parish’s That Ain’t a Mosey stands out for being a routine zombie story, set in the American West.  No departures here from convention, I’m afraid, and the story walks an uneasy line between the truly global–America is Coming!–and the very personal–Final Episode (by Katherine Shaw).  Is the possible end of the American West truly the End of Time?  You decide!

It stings a bit, but as has been pointed out to me a couple of times, reviews are extremely subjective. And so far, the complaints are pretty much the same: It’s a typical zombie story without adding anything new to the genre. I can understand people wanting a new take on things, so that doesn’t particulary bother me. But the fact is, I like the tried and true zombie trope. If that puts me at odds with reviewers, oh, well. The zombie fans should like it. 🙂

At least the reviewers have gotten my name right!


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