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April 7, 2008 at 7:23 pm (Acceptances, The Final Quarter, Writing)

The table of contents (author names, anyway) for the Help anthology has been announced. Even the dense blockhead that I am, I recognize some of the bigger names on this list. Kind of cool to be in the same company:

Gary Braunbeck
Douglas E. Wright
Stephen Mark Rainey
Brian Knight
Eric Enck
Joseph Mcgee
Benjamin Bussey
JG Faherty
Brian Youndt
Cassandra Lee
Garry Charles
Tim Deal
Sheryl Nantus
Sara Creasy
D.W. Green
Michael R. Colangelo
J. Travis Grundon
Mark Tullius
Steve Dean
Jimmy Gillentine & Donnete Smith
Marie Pacha
Alice Loweecey
Dave Rex
Randy Chandler
Sally Quilford
Monica J Orourke
John Grover
Michael A. Beoudry
Mari Adkins
Gustavo Bondoni
Kevin Macleod
Martin Owton
Jeremy Zoss
Colin Harvey
Catherine J. Gardner
David Mohan
Marcie Lynn Choff
Eric Christ
Ken Goldman
Lisa Morton
Guy Anthony De Marco
William Blake Vogel III
William Bulen
Helen Taylor
Karen L Newman
Jenny Orosel
Jeff Parish
G. George Taylor
Christopher Treaugus
Lisa Cavalear
A J Brown
Jill Elaine Hughes
Matthew Pierce
Rick Taubod
Christopher Conlon
Darrel Joyce
Terrie Leigh Relf
Dominic McDonagh
Mellisa Mead
Paul Freeman
Aaron Gudmunson
Kevin L Obrien
Natalie L. Sin
Peadar O Guilan
Mark Leslie Lefebvre
Mark Boss
Ellen Meister
Eric Smetana
R. Scott McCoy



  1. Cate Gardner said,

    Excited, some… Good to share anthology space with you, Jeff.

  2. Gustavo said,

    Great to FINALLY share a ToC!

  3. Camille Alexa said,

    Good job, y’all!

  4. Larry Cooperman said,


    Let’s get the bastards from getting at free speech and truth.
    I am organizing a website, “PublishAmerica is an Oyster,” and the Annual PublishAmerica Book Burning. Hopefully we can burn a pile on their front door but I doubt it. We’ll choose another place.

    Please email me at and I’d all duped but with clarity now PA authors to participate.

    Let’s get em’

    Best of Luck ALL PA AUTHORS


  5. hamstersbane said,

    Thanks, all.

    I will say, however, that this is not a “free speech” issue, at least not in the way most people mean it. The first amendement says “Congress shal make no law…” This is, however, a frivolous lawsuit — and a dangerous one. If PA wins this one, Consumer Reports and every person who reviews anything needs to watch out.

  6. Yahzi said,

    It would seem that an individual dedicated to combating Publish America’s psuedo-publishing scammery would, himself, be capable of publishing a book to a standard that would not embarrass an eight-year-old.

    It would seem; but it would not be the case.

    Like some kind of karmic law, the high and noble purpose of the “Help” anthology is inversely mirrored by the lowest possible production standards, resulting in a book printed so badly that even Publish America would blush in shame.

    Enck owes you a personal apology, Mr. Parish, an apology of the deepest and most profound nature. If you were to demand his head in a basket you would not be beyond your rights. As a reader, I am disgusted at how carelessly Enck has treated people’s art; as a writer, I don’t think homicidal is quite a strong enough word to describe what I feel on behalf of the contributers.

    For that matter, Ench owes the entire English-reading world an apology.

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